The Top 10 Worst Games Of 2008, According To Metacritic

Gamers will endlessly debates the best games of the year.

But when's the last time when we discussed the worst?

Not disappointing, not overrated. The worst. No one likes to think about the games that drove them to madness, but we do have Metacritic to help us out.

Thanks to them, here are the worst-reviewed games of 2008.

Note: We averaged scores of multi-platform titles for the "best of" list because there is typically less discrepancy between AAA games on several platforms. That is not usually the case with the bottom of the barrel, especially when we're talking about Wii.

Metacritic's Worst Games of 2008

1. SPOGS Racing (18 -- Wii) and Pong Toss: Frat Party Games (18 -- Wii)

2. Beauty Factory (22 -- PC)

3. Homie Rollerz (23 -- DS)

4. Jumper: Griffin's Story (28 -- Wii) and Racing Team Manager (28 -- PC)

5. Jumper: Griffin's Story (29 -- 360) and Game Party 2 (29 -- Wii), Beat'n Groovy (29 -- 360)

6. George and the Jungle and the Search for the Secret (30 -- PS2), Woman's Volleyball Championship (30 -- PS2), Vampire Rain: Altered Species (30 -- PS3), Ford Racing Off Road (30 -- Wii) and Crazy Mouse (30 -- 360),

7. Toy Shop (31 -- DS) and Rapala Fishing Freanzy 2009 (31 -- PS2)

8. Falling Stars (32 -- PS2), Best of Tests DS (32 -- PS2), Iron Man (32 -- PC) and Code of Honor 2: Conspiracy Island (32 -- PC)

9. Target: Terror (33 -- Wii) and The Incredible Hulk (33 -- PC)

10. Jackass: The Game (34 -- PC) and King of Clubs (34 -- Wii)

It's not shocking to see games like "Iron Man," "Target: Terror" and "Vampire Rain" on the list, but to be honest, I've never even heard of many of these games. To know these titles were reviewed enough to be aggregated on Metacritic means a number of individuals were forced to play and score them. How painful. Keep fighting the good fight, reviewers.

Scores aside, is there a game you'd nominate to be on this list?

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