Orson Scott Card Has Ambitious Dreams For 'Ender's Game' Video Games

The author of sci-fi literary classic "Ender's Game," Orson Scott Card, is already working on an interactive adaptation of his book with the Epic Games-acquired Chair Entertainment for Xbox Live Arcade.

We haven't even seen that game yet, but he already wants more.

Discussing the XBLA project and the franchise's future, Card told Sci Fi Wire that the "Ender's Game" universe is ripe for video games that do more than chronicle a linear storyline from start to finish.

"My hope and plan is that the Ender's Game computer and console games will not be mere tellings of the story, but rather true games with a high degree of replayability. In other words, you don't play the game once, so you can act out the story (as with, say, the Harry Potter movie-based games), and then discard it. The Ender's Game games will immerse you in the experience of different aspects of the life of these kids who train together in order to fight the war. I can see a Battle School online game as well as a Battle Room game, various Formic War games, even the Mind Game (or Fantasy Game) that Ender plays relentlessly on his computer."

If Card gets his way, we'll be seeing quite a bit of "Ender's Game" in the future, though it doesn't sound like he's decided on which direction to go in just yet.

Let's give him some recommendations, readers. What do you want?