What Happened In Video Games 2008...

[I made it a game for you these past three week. And some of you figured it out. Every day at 3pm ET for the past three weeks I've published a section of what was to become a year-end wrap-up of the 2008 Year in Games. If at any moment you clicked on any of the posts' category links, you got to see that one big story was being published  one post at a time -- in reverse order, thank you very much! -- before your eyes. Check it out now and you'll find one big article meant to be read through from headline to post to headline to post, etc.]

What a gaming year 2008 was.

It started calmly enough, with the release of a suba diving simulator for the Wii, a racing game that would find no equal for at least 12 months and the assumption that this wasn't simply going to be another year of dominance for Nintendo.

By year's end Electronic Arts would appear both mighty enough to almost devour Take-Two and tamed enough to face severe cutbacks. Just by June alone, two games -- "Grand Theft Auto IV" and "Metal Gear Solid 4" would be considered loudly by critics and gamers as the best games ever made.

It was a year like no other. A year during which you had to burn the rope.

A year when Activision became what we used to think EA was.

A year of "Mass Effect" sex scandals. "Metal Gear" review fiascoes. "Resident Evil" racial controversy. Motion controller sketches.

It was, of course, a big year.

A year when all of this happened...