Hollywood Strikes Delaying 'Castlevania' Film, 'Spy Hunter' Update

Paul W.S. Anderson's work on the "Resident Evil" movies creates polarizing reactions. That hasn't stopped him from still working with games.

The writer-director has been trying to get  "Castlevania" movie off the ground for years.

But last year's writer's strike, combined with a looming threat of an actor's strike, means "Castlevania" has been sidetracked, he told IGN Movies.

"We still want to make the movie, but I can't say we're going into production in January or anything like that," said Anderson. "It's a project that everybody likes. I love the videogame. I think the script is really strong. Everyone is really enthusiastic about it, but we're still in the process of deciding when the movie gets shot."

Anderson has also been tied to a "Spy Hunter" adaptation, but the submitted script wasn't strong and he's since removed himself from the project.

A "Castlevania" delay means changes could still be made. If you were in charge of the "Castlevania" movie, what would you want to include?