Soulja Boy Wrap-Up: Talking 'Left4Dead,' Gamerscores And His Rematch Challenge To Me

Soulja Boy Tell 'Em to me in a voice message on Xbox Live last night: "I know you're mad that you lost. So do some training and we'll have a rematch. Then I'll whup you again."

I accept, Soulja Boy. I accept.

You saw the main event yesterday, the video of the video game battle between me and the rapper many gamers love to hate. Before I move on to other topics, I'd like to share some final details about this experience:

--> Soulja Boy's a real gamer: I was impressed that Soulja Boy brought his own Xbox 360 hard drive to our match. I was impressed that, when we were talking about how we should play a fighting game as our third game, he not only suggested "Mortal Kombat Vs. D.C." but asked one of his friends in his entourage to get it from his tour bus. Yes, he travels with a stack of games.

But what impressed me most about Soulja Boy's gaming skills is this: When he sat down for our challenge he immediately went to the Xbox 360 settings pane and started tweaking all of the display settings to his liking. He did this even while our cameraman had popped the TV's own menu onto the screen. Soulja Boy didn't stop switching the settings. He was switching them by memory, without needing to see what he was doing.

--> I'm a real gamer too: My inability to throw a fireball in our "Street Fighter II" match has some people questioning my gamer credibility. Multiplayer gaming? That's my weak spot. Fighting games? I've rarely played them. My Gamerscore? 11280. (Soulja Boy's is 4007). So, yeah, I do know the field.

--> "Left4Dead" is kind of the new "Braid": Between rounds of our match, Soulja Boy and I talked games. He's clearly not a single-player gaming kind of guy. So I was curious what he thought of "Left4Dead," which seems perfect for him. He said he'd only played it a little and I gathered that he hadn't really wrapped his head around how it's meant to be played. He wasn't mocking the game, as he did "Braid," but if there's a game that you'd want a gamer of Soulja Boy's interests to get into, I think it's "Left4Dead." I was telling him that co-op is a must. Maybe I'll work it into our rematch, whenever that is.

--> Soulja Boy does one thing I wish you would all do: When Soulja Boy sent me a friend request over Xbox Live yesterday, he included a voice message. With his Gamertag being so straight forward, he didn't need to. But I wish more people would follow that example. I had no doubt who he was. Everyone should send a note. It would help me figure out who you are. Please!

That's all for now on the Soulja Boy front. I'd like to get back to reporting gaming news for a bit. And I need time to train. Thanks to Soulja Boy for being a good sport and to everyone who commented on the competition, pro or con!

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