Game Diary - December 19, 2008: I Threw A Fireball!

There was one thing I had to do before I wrote this Diary today. One thing that was needed so I could hold my head high today.

I turned on my Xbox 360. I downloaded the full version of "Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix." I figured out how the buttons were mapped. (I had no idea that the fierce attacks were on the bumpers!)

And... I... threw...a...fireball!

Down. Right. Fierce.

It was like going back in time a decade and a half.

So, yes, everyone out there on the Internet. I can throw a fireball. I also now understand why so many "Street Fighter" players hate the Xbox 360 controller's d-pad. Wow, that thing is uncomfortable.

I played some "Chrono Trigger" on my DS last night too, but I was replaying a part that I'd lost progress in when my battery had died. So I have nothing interesting to say about that.

Next: This weekend I will try to finish "Prnce of Persia" and maybe play more of "Fallout 3," a game that I think I may be playing wrong. I declined to take the pistol from the girl who offered it to me in the Vault. I've saved Megaton from the bomb. But now I'm wandering the wasteland with nothing more than a BB gun. That seems dangerous. And wrong. Suggestions, anyone? Did I waste my upgrade points by putting them into energy weapons?