The Wii made some enemies and the PS3 became Sony's first system that you kind of felt bad for...

While millions of people in the world joyfully purchased a Nintendo Wii, there was much disdain for Nintendo's console among those hardcore gamers who weren't satisfied with another "Mario Kart," another "Smash Bros.," another "Animal Crossing" and not much else geared toward them.

The 2008 breakthroughs for the Wii were the brilliance of "Wii Fit" (Marketing brilliance? Development brilliance? Both?) and a WiiWare program that issued more original downloadable games for the console than many gamers expected.

And the PlayStation 3? Well. Who ever thought they could feel sympathy for a Sony system? When did a Sony system ever seem like it even needed sympathy?

What some expected to be a breakout year for the PS3 turned out to be another year of treading water. For those who paid close enough attention, though, the PS3 -- be it through downloadable "Burnout: Paradise," interactive art "Linger in Shadows" or even "Home" -- was inarguably the most experimental video game platform. As always, it seems, struggle lead to risk-taking.