Video Games Helping Music Industry, Research Group Says

The NPD group, which gamers typically hear from when monthly gaming sales figures are reported, is claiming that our favorite entertainment industry is helping the music business.

They did this in a press release today that is headlined with news that CD sales are dropping. But, hey, we gamers are helping the music industry out.

Hey record companies and musicians, you're welcome!

From NPD:

Video gaming also appears to have positive effects for the music industry. Twenty-two percent of music buyers (CDs, digital or mobile) overall – and 35 percent of consumers under the age of 35 -- reported playing a music-based video game, such as "Rock Band" or "Guitar Hero," in the prior three months. Many of these music gamers reported that the gaming experience had a positive outcome, such as creating music discovery or triggering a digital-music or CD purchase.

"Year-to-date through November, the music and dance genre was the best-selling genre in video games, representing 16 percent of total software sales for the year,” according to Anita Frazier, NPD’s video games analyst.

“Even though gaming competes with music for the consumer’s entertainment wallet share, music-related games are evolving into an important source for music discovery that can have positive revenue implications for the recording industry,” said Russ Crupnick, entertainment industry analyst for NPD.