'GTA: Chinatown Wars' Is Take-Two's Test Case For More M-Rated Content On Wii

Forget for a second that Rockstar Games released the almost-AO-rated game "Manhunt 2" on the Wii last year. (It didn't sell well anyway).

Rockstar owner Take Two hasn't really put much of its edgy content on the Wii. The 2007 and 2008 hits "BioShock" and "Grand Theft Auto IV," for example, both came out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 -- but not the Wii.

Never fear, Wii owners. Take Two's CEO said during a financial earnings call today that he now wants to make sure that all the company'slabels -- Rockstar included, it seems -- figure out how to back the Wii.

Here's Take Two CEO Ben Feder answering an analyst's question about Take Two's plans for the Wii in the coming year:

"We've got a bunch of sports titles that will take advantage of the Wii. Some of our best content really isn't appropriate for the Wii. That said, "Carnival Games" has been a massive success for the company. We're looking, in a disciplined way, of extending that brand to other areas. All of our sports titles are looking at the Wii as a potential platform. And, frankly, even the M-rated content that we think is much more appropriate for the PS3 or 360,w e have to look at the Wii as a viable platform across all our labels. You just have to because you can't ignore the installed base. You just can't. We're going to do a lot of learning with "GTA: Chinatown Wars" on the DS in terms of bringing that kind of content to a Nintendo platform. Our partnership with Nintendo is as strong as it's ever been. We're really excited about it. We talk to them all the time. They provide great feedback for us. We're highly focused on it."

If you were running Take-Two, what would you put on the Wii?

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