'Guitar Hero' Has Holiday Music, But Santa-Hating Gamers Are Making It

Activision said there's no holiday music coming to "Guitar Hero: World Tour" but maybe there's a reason for that.

It's already there!

Official content may not be in the cards, but gamers have taken it upon themselves to produce holiday rock with "Guitar Hero"'s music creator.

Here's what "Guitar Hero" players have to offer you:

* "Merry Christmas" by buttworm

* "Jingle Bells" by Lumpy4 [warning: really hard drums!]

* Christmasrock by Meatball12sixty

* "SILENTscaryNIGHT" by OmegaTrance

* "SANTAS GOT A GUN" by WorldNavySeals


The first two are the most competent and all-instrument-friendly Christmas tracks of the bunch, though it's worth checking out the latter two simply because they're so hilarious inappropriate. It's also a missed opportunity that one's not an Aerosmith cover. Maybe next time, WorldNavey Seals.

There could be more that I missed, though. Has anyone else noticed any holiday tracks in "Guitar Hero World Tour"?

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