Wii Pole Dancing Game Calls For Developers And Publishers -- Any Takers?

Earlier this year, Peekaboo Pole Dancing announced their plans to create a pole dancing game for the Wii.

I followed up with the company, known for the Carmen Electra pole dancing kit (the "Electra-pole"), to see if there's been any deals made. Simon Kay, a rep for Peekaboo and licensing agency AT New Media told me via e-mail that they are still seeking a developer and publisher.

"We have not managed to tie up a deal for this yet but we still remain hopeful," he wrote. "We have, however, connected with a company that is manufacturing a peripheral product and we are investigating mutual publishing opportunities. Please feel free to give a shout out to any developers or publishers who want to give this a crack. [The game] just needs someone with a little nerve."

He added that Carmen Electra is "available to be involved" but is not associated with the project at this time.

[Photo Credit: Joel Saget/AFP/Getty Images]

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