Game Diary - December 17, 2008: Could The Last Be The Best?

Pressed for time this morning and a bit compromised about what I can write about given that we're not revealing the Soulja Boy results for a few more hours (gotta get the video of it done).

But I wanted to throw out one idea to my fellow "Prince of Persia" players out there:

Are you with me in thinking that this last major game of 2008 is a strong contender for being the best game of the year? I know, I know. There were a lot of really good games this year. And maybe I'm just getting biased by the fact that "PoP" is so fresh in my mind. But at about 50% progress into it, I'm repeatedly being floored by the grace of the controls, the beauty of the levels and the best-of-'08 level design that somehow combines some of the best gameplay virtues of "Mario" (grand acrobatics) and "Sonic" (speedy flow) into one superb mix.

It's not perfect. The combat's a bit off. It's sometimes too unforgiving, sometimes too easy. The backtracking is a little excessive, though tolerable because of how quickly you can flip and run through levels. Overall, though, I'm stunned by this game which has caught me very much by surprise.

Anyone else as pleasantly shocked by it as me?

Next: More "PoP" tonight. And, if I can ever remember to recharge my DS, more "Chrono Trigger" on my subway ride home.