My Second 'Home' Experience Is ... Surprisingly Good, With Less Sexual Harassment

Yesterday, I wrote about a few icky encounters I had on PlayStation's Home over the weekend.

But I logged on again last night and had an entirely different experience. And it was even more unexpected than guys proposing marriage...

Walking around Central Plaza, there were the usual players swearing via text and voice chat and calling things they didn't like "gay." Ugh. However, while I was standing around reading some of these inane conversations, a male avatar walked up to me and commented favorably (and politely) on my PSN ID, which is a reference to my favorite zombie movie. We also talked about other movies we liked, what games we were playing, and how many Home players were often rude and disrespectful towards female avatars.

Another player overheard (over-read?) our conversation and chimed in, saying how he enjoyed Home but felt bad for women avatars because of all the "pervs."

Then in the midst of our conversation, he burst into the Running Man dance. I started too, and the pair went behind my avatar to do the Running Man. Then other random players nearby formed a line behind us and began the Running Man... and so on and so forth. Soon enough, it was a Running Man train of at least a dozen avatars -- male and female. It was a pretty hilarious sight.

From there, in our train of running men (and women), we went on to talk about different games. Outside of "**** Xbox Live," there was pleasantly no profanity. If someone came by to swear at us or harass the women (and there were a quite a few), we simply told them to go away. And they did.

It was actually quite an enjoyable experience just talking with other gamers about common interests and not having to worry about lewdness or rudeness. Hopefully these encounters will occur more often, and not just for me but for some other people out there (like a few of our readers) who've been having harassment issues in Home.

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