Game Diary - December 16, 2008: 'Gears of War 2' Skills Sharpened For Soulja Boy

My match against Soulja Boy is happening soon and he's named his game of choice. So, last night, I enlisted some friends to help me improve my "Gears of War 2" multiplayer skills.

As I've mentioned before, despite this blog being called Multiplayer, I'm not that good at multiplayer games. I don't play them frequently enough to get good at them. And, sadly, playing through the single-player campaigns of games -- which I do all the time -- barely provides you enough skills to win any points or score any kills in even a mildly competitive online match.

What I can thank Soulja Boy for is that he's at least got me re-thinking my stance on multiplayer gaming. I enjoyed playing a lot of "Halo 3" multiplayer this weekend. Last night, I had fun playing both with and against friends in "Gears."

Multiplayer gaming might be for me, after all.

That may not seem like much of a revelation to many readers, but I was surprised at how alien it felt for me to try something new with my games. I was pleased with how much fun it could be.

I wonder what other comfort zones I occupy in gaming and which aspects of games I should stop neglecting. Maybe I'd have a ton of fun learning to play sports games? I've barely touched the genre in a decade. Maybe I should find a racing game and master it? I haven't done that ever.

So, thanks, Soulja Boy, for reminding me about a great part of gaming I've been neglecting. Now go easy on the chainsaws and watch out for my "Geometry Wars" skills. I think they're good enough for you.

Next: I've been missing "Prince of Persia," which went from having really easy combat to having some strangely hard battles. Not sure if I'm missing some key moves in my arsenal or something. I plan to get back to it tonight.