We Count 31 Guys Attacking Kratos In New 'God of War III' Trailer

How many undead warriors do you see?

Sony's press release today trumpeting last night's debut "God of War III" gameplay trailer boasted of some major graphical improvements. The upcoming PS3 game will have "groundbreaking depth of scale that is four times larger" than that of "God of War II." It will have "quadrupled" texture resolutions. And the game will depict "many more enemies on-screen ."

Impressive! So impressive that we had to start counting.

See below for a large screen capture from the trailer full of enemies piling onto our anti-hero Kratos. How many undead warriors do you see joining the fray?

We count 31.

(Click the image to make it really big)

For comparison's sake, here's a group battle shot from "God of War II."

'God of War II - Image via GameSpot.com'