'Halo Wars' Will Not Repeat Small-Text Sins Of 'Banjo' And 'Dead Rising'

'Halo Wars'Here's one more important "Halo Wars" fact that I learned during my recent interview with the game's lead writer, Graeme Devine:

-The Game's Text Won't Repeat The Mistakes Of "Banjo-Kazooie" -- Several prominent Xbox 360 games have been programmed to display text in such small sizes that words can't be read on standard definition TVs. Pity the gamer who hadn't splurged on an HD set. This was an issue with Capcom's "Dead Rising" in 2006 (which was never fixed) and Microsoft/Rare's "Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts" earlier this year (which Rare plans to be fix).

A few of recent console real-time strategy games, notably those from Electronic Arts, also had text that was hard-to-read on standard TVs.

That would seem to make "Halo Wars" a likely suspect for the same failings. Not to worry, said Devine: "We're proud of the experience on SD." How come? "Half our play-test lab is full of the crummiest standard sets you can find," he said.

Breath easy, gamers living in the SD era who want to play "Halo Wars."

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