Here's What You Can Buy In 'Home' So Far, For A Total Of 26 Dollars

Like many other PlayStation 3 owners, I finally made it into "Home" this morning.

Home may only be in open beta, but that isn't stopping Sony from charging users who want to start fitting their virtual apartment and character with more goodies.

We had been told it wouldn't be that expensive.

There are only a few handful of items available right now. If you were to purchase everything that Sony has made available, it'd only cost you $26.12, with the most expensive item being a $4.99 summer home. Most items are $0.49, however. Will it stay that way?

For a complete list of what's available to buy in "Home," keep reading.

Male Clothing

Hats -- Cowboy Hat, $0.49

Shirts -- Hooded Top, $0.49; Turtleneck, $0.49; Military Jacket, $0.49

Pants -- Cargo Shorts, $0.49; Drainpipe Jeans, $0.49; Jeans with Turnups, $0.49

Shoes -- Basketball Shoes, $0.49; Slip-On Trainers, $0.49; Winkle Picker Shoes, $0.49

Female Clothing

Shirts -- Denim Jacket, $0.49; Halterneck, $0.49; Layered T-Shirt, $0.49

Pants -- Jeans with Turnups, $0.49; Smart Shorts, $0.49; Sweat Pants, $0.49

Shoes -- Basketball Shoes, $0.49; Walking Sandals, $0.49; Work Boots, $0.49

Accessories -- Star Sunglasses, $0.49


Chairs -- Summer House Chair, $.049; Summer House Armchair, $0.99

Footstools -- Summer House Footstool, $0.99

Tables -- Summer House Table, $0.99

Ornaments -- Summer House Ornament, $0.99; Blue Robot, $0.49; Small Cactus $0.49; Large Cactus $0.49; Large Leaf Plant, $0.49; Model Plane, $0.49; Origami Dog, $0.49; Rubber Duck, $0.49; Small Teddy Bear, $0.49; Tiki Mask, $0.49; Vase with Flowers, $0.49

Lights -- Summer House Lights, $0.99

Sofas -- Summer House Sofa, $0.99

Personal Spaces

Houses -- Summer House -- $4.99

Have you bought anything in "Home"? Do you want to?

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