NPD Sales For November Show Huge Wii Numbers, Resurgent ‘Wii Music’

The NPD group has released their U.S. video game and hardware sales data for 2008. Take a look and answer the homework questions at the bottom.

Hardware Sales In November 2008
PlayStation 2 –> 206K
PlayStation 3 –> 378K
PSP –> 421K
Xbox 360 –> 836K
Wii –> 2.04mil
Nintendo DS –> 1.57mil

Top 10 Games In November 2008
Gears Of War 2 (Xbox 360) –> 1.56 Million
Call Of Duty: World At War (Xbox 360) –> 1.41 Million
Wii Play W/ Remote (Wii) –> 796k
Wii Fit (Wii) –> 697k
Mario Kart (Wii) –> 637k
Call Of Duty: World At War (PS3) –> 597k
Guitar Hero World Tour (Wii) –> 475k
Left 4 Dead (Xbox 360) –> 410k
Resistance 2 (PS3) –> 385k
Wii Music (Wii) –> 297k

Explain these things to me, readers:
-Does the PSP really need new software? It seems to be selling well enough.
-Is the Wii the new lead platform for music games? Check out “Guitar Hero”’s performance.
-Will “Medal of Honor” ever compete with “Call of Duty” again?
-Is Miyamoto going to get the last laugh about “Wii Music”?

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