Painted Naked Women Won't Return To Spike Video Game Awards, But...

2007 Video Game Music Awards Models -- They Presented The Winners By Having The Winners Painted On Them

On Tuesday we reported that Jack Black will host the Spike Video Game Awards, an event that will host gameplay footage premieres of some major titles.

But, you asked, what about the painted naked women? How could they not be returning? I got an answer.

Last year, winners of VGA awards were announced in a novel way. Instead of a piece of paper being produced from an envelope, a nearly naked woman painted to resemble or suggest a specific video game was produced on stage.

I spoke with Spike TV veteran and VGA executive producer Casey Patterson about this today and was told that the painted women won't be back. But, she reminded me, Spike is a guy's channel. You know what that means: "For any Spike show we do know that guys want to see beautiful ladies." So beautiful ladies will be back. And it sounds like they might be wearing wings. One of the aspects of the show will be the creation of a gamer's heaven with some "heavenly ladies" presenting awards.

Like all of that or not, gamers should note that this year's show is designed to be more of a gamers' show. Patterson said that the VGAs were originally pegged to be a gaming awards show with a celebrity focus. Not any more. "It's less about celebrities [this year,]" Patterson said. "It's more about world premieres."

The VGA Awards will air on Spike on December 14.

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