Video Games Movies You Can Stream Via Netflix

You can request any video game movie through Netflix's normal delivery service, but with Xbox 360 streaming, why wait?

Unfortunately, you're going to have to, unless  "The Legend of Zelda: The Complete Series" is something you're dying to see.

We sorted through Netflix's list of video game (or video game-related) movies currently available to stream, and here's what we found.

* BloodRayne

* BloodRayne 2

* National Geographic's …Video Games: Behind The Fun

* Gamers [comedy]

* Super Mario Bros. Super Show: Mario of the Deep

* Pokemon: The First Movie

* Street Fighter Alpha [anime]

* Street Fighter Generations [anime]

* The Legend of Zelda: The Complete Series

It's admittedly a pretty small list, but streaming -- especially high-definition streaming -- only recently became part of Netflix's suite of services. In the coming months, expect Netflix to add more and more value to streaming. Hopefully, that means more video game movies. "Mortal Kombat" was good, you know.

Plus, it's been too long time since I've watched "Double Dragon."

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