Game Diary - December 3, 2008: Improper Use Of A Laptop

Yesterday was a Tuesday, which means I didn't play any games. Unless logging onto "Resistance 2" co-op for 10 seconds in the morning counts. I felt bad immediately bailing on the game. I was just testing my home Internet connection for that game since my WiFi can be somewhat intolerant of multiplayer console gaming.

So I have no timely gaming diary thoughts to share. But I did remember something from last week that I wanted to share:

I got on the subway on Tuesday or Wednesday of last week and I saw a woman sitting on one of the seats with her laptop on her lap. That's odd enough. On the crowded New York City subways people tend to use their iPhones, Blackberrys, PSPs and DSes, but seldom unfold a full-sized laptop. When I see that -- about once a month -- it usually involved the person working on a document or spreadsheet. I've only done it once in my many years of subway riding, when I urgently needed to check out a Word file.

This woman I saw wasn't doing any of that. She had her laptop cracked open so she could play chess.

That's one of the stranger displays of gaming in public that I've ever seen. Do they not have chess for cell phones?

Next: Tonight I may start "Prince of Persia" and then get some "R2" co-op in with some friends or enemies.