EA Mum On 'Dungeon Keeper' MMO Outside China

If you were jumping up and down about yesterday's "Dungeon Keeper" MMO announcement, you might want to read this.

The franchise had been dormant since "Dungeon Keeper 2" was released in 1999, but rights holder Electronic Arts recently granted the license to Chinese MMO developer NetDragon for a "Dungeon Keeper" MMO specifically targeted at the Asian market.

Obviously, fans were excited. But when asked by MTV Multiplayer whether EA would consider the "Dungeon Keeper" MMO over here, the publisher was quiet.

"That release was targeted for China but went out in English because our agreement with NetDragon includes the possibility of publishing in other markets in the region," said an EA spokesperson in an e-mailed statement. "As for the West, we’re very aware of 'Dungeon Keeper'’s intense fan base, but we’re not making any announcements related to publishing the game in North America or Europe."

"Dungeon Keeper" is one of "Fable" creator Peter Molyneux's most cherished classics; a game that flipped RPG conventions. Instead of raiding the dungeon as the hero, you protected it as the villain in a strategy setting.

Even if the "Dungeon Keeper" MMO doesn't show up here, its mere existence as a concept should bring hope to series fans. EA remembers "Dungeon Keeper" has fans, and that's one step closer to a new game than we were before.