Playing As Zombies Not As Popular As Killing Them In 'Left 4 Dead'

Key to the longevity of the otherwise short zombie shooter "Left 4 Dead" is the unique ability to play as the zombies.

But the feature doesn't mean anything if no one's playing it.

Developer Valve recently leased an initial batch of game usage statistics for "Left 4 Dead," based on achievements unlocked one week after release, providing our first hints towards an answer.

Here's what it tells about Versus Mode, where you play as zombies:

* No Versus achievements have been unlocked by at least 50% of users

* "Double Jump" is the most unlocked achievement, at 36.7%

* 0% of users have completed the "Lamb 2 Slaughter" achievement ("as an Infected, incapacitate a Survivor who has entered and left a safe room")

* Smoker and Hunter zombies have the most unlocked achievements (note: by design, they are also played more often by gamers)

There is something very important to note about these week-one statistics, however: only 25.4% of gamers have reported finishing "Blood Harvest," the final campaign from the perspective of the game's zombie apocalypse survivors. Just under one-fourth of gamers have not completed "Left 4 Dead"'s main draw, which may not give them much reason to check out the other modes yet.

We'll have to keep watching Valve's updates, however, to see if the zombie killers of the world decide to finally give the undead a fair shot.

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