ESPN Declares 'Mike Tyson's Punch-Out' A 'First-Ballot Lock' For A Sports Gaming Hall of Fame has an article up about the awesomeness of "Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!" for the Nintendo Entertainment System. I was quoted in it.

Do I share my stories about being managing editor of a boxing magazine for several years? Nope.

Recount my times seeing but for some reason never talking to Iron Mike at boxing press conferences? No. I was young and a bit shy and Evander Holyfield was more approachable!

Do I defend the "Mr. Dream" version of the game, which is the only one I ever owned -- and which gets slammed in the piece? No.

I just talk about not remembering how to beat King Hippo. Thankfully the article's author, Patrick Sauer, reminds me in the article. It's a good read, with pro boxers and others reminiscing about the game.

So do we all agree with this line from the piece?

...if there's ever a Hall of Fame for sports video games, it's a first-ballot lock.

[Photo Credit: Focus on Sport/Getty Images]

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