Comic Panel Explains Aquaman, Johnny Cage Absence From 'Mortal Kombat Vs. DC'

Was there a good reason for fans of Aquaman, Robin, Goro and Johnny Cage to buy the "Kollector's" version of "Mortal Kombat vs. DC"?

Yes. Because the small comic packaged with that $70 version of the game can put such fans at ease. The comic explains the perfectly good reason those characters aren't in a fighting game that did have room for Superman, Sub-Zero and that master of fisticuffs Lex Luthor.

Check out the comic book panel in this post and read the explanation for yourself. Note that the narrator is Dark Kahn, the villain who brought these two universes of characters into a collision. Can we believe him?

Panel: Worlds-Colliding Villain Dark Kahn Explains Why Four Famous Guys, Including A Man Who Talks To Fish, Are Not Available For His "MK Vs. DC" Rumble

I checked with the public relations folks working on the game to find out if there's a loophole to Dark Kahn's statement. Maybe we could get to play as Aquaman or Goro or those other two guys via some downloadable content?

The answer? There's no DLC currently announced. That's not very helpful.

Methinks Dark Kahn himself would have been more forthcoming.


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