'New' Gray Nintendo Logo Is For U.S. Too

The hot news on gaming sites this morning is that Nintendo of Europe has ditched the traditional red Nintendo logo for a grey one -- and that the company did this years ago.

Maybe this is just in Europe? And, by the way, how did Europe's reporters miss this?

Don't feel so bad, my European friends. I was blindsided by this same news just a couple of a weeks ago. I learned that this secret logo revolution occurred in the U.S. years ago as well. I found this out a couple of weeks ago while chatting with Nintendo of America executive vice president of sales and marketing Cammie Dunaway before starting our formal interview. I was poking fun about her briefing sheet about me including a big MTV logo. Why'd she print that out? That banter about logos somehow got us looking at Nintendo's logo which -- wouldn't you know it -- was gray. Maybe we were looking at a press kit or her business card or something. I can't recall.

Wait, I asked her, isn't this logo usually red?

Not recently, she replied. It's been gray in America for a couple of years.

Why? Well, now I wish I had been taking notes about this. I didn't know this was going to be important. But from what I can recall she said it was about letting Nintendo's products shine and be prominent more than the company logo. But, really, I can't remember too much about this, because who remembers the substance of chitchat about logo colors? I do remember pointing out that MTV's logo color changes all the time. That's just what we do.

I also remember confrming with her that the logo is referred to, internally, as the "racetrack logo." Because it has that line around it, you know? At least they didn't change that.

How I -- and all the gaming reporters in Europe -- missed the Great Nintendo Logo Color Change happening "years ago" is beyond me. I'll pay more attention next time

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