Game Diary - November 26, 2008: Gaming With Parents

I got my parents a Wii about a month ago. I'm not sure if they use it much or at all when I'm not around, but we've had fun when I last brought my own system home. So I'm bringing a few Wii games to see what they think of them:

-Wii Music: Because they've seen commercials. Maybe they'll like it?

-Hasbro Family Game Night: Because it's for ... families!

-Monopoly: Because how could I go wrong with Monopoly?

Anybody else out there packing a bunch of games in their holiday suitcase to try out with/on their families this Thanksgiving?

Next: And then, this weekend, when I get home, I'm playing "Tomb Raider," "Banjo" and "Fallout." That's a good weekend!

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