A Little Bit Of Clarity About Today's 'Fallout 3' DLC Announcement

Today's announcement of three Xbox/Windows-exclusive downloadable "Fallout 3" missions for Winter 2009 release produced some answers and, of course, provoked questions:

  1. How big are these three missions?
  2. How much will they cost?
  3. How will players access them -- through a menu, in the game world? And, if we get to them in the game, do we have to do a certain amount of stuff in the game before getting to them, a la "Mass Effect"?

When questions lurk, "Fallout 3" development studio Bethesda's Pete Hines can answer -- or at least answer vaguely. Here's Hines, answering my e-mail query:

"For all of our DLC, I had mentioned before that we looking to do things for 'Fallout 3' that are similar in size/scope to what we did for [the $10 "Oblivion" expansion pack] Knights of the Nine. Likewise, you can expect the 'Fallout 3' DLC to work the way our DLC worked for 'Oblivion' where it adds into your game, whether it’s an existing character or a new game. So that’s [a] decent approximation as far as some of the questions you’re asking.

"As far as how you get into it and all of that, we’ll release more details on all of this going forward, starting obviously with [January add-on] Operation: Anchorage and what it’s about, what you’ll be doing, etc."


That help?

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