The DLC Dilemma: Too Soon or Not Fast Enough?

How quickly should downloadable content follow a game's release?

This question came to mind yesterday when Bethesda Softworks announced that the first of three downloadable content packs for "Fallout 3" will be released in January. And the day before that, Lionhead Studios said they're planning to release a premium DLC pack with new quests, characters and items in mid-December for "Fable II." Last week, Rockstar Games said the first DLC for "Grand Theft Auto IV" will be out on February 17, with additional characters, missions, weapons and vehicles.

Both "Fable II" and "Fallout 3" came out at the end of October, and their first DLC will come less than two and three months, respectively, after their original releases. Meanwhile, "Grand Theft Auto IV"'s content will arrive about ten months after the title's initial release.

I've spent almost 20 hours in "Fallout 3" so far, and I'm nowhere near finished; as for "Fable II" and "GTA IV," there are still plenty of side missions to be completed.

Is the DLC for "Fallout" and "Fable" coming out too quickly? Or has the wait been too long for "GTA IV"? Judging by the number of used copies of "GTA IV" for Xbox 360 I saw at my local GameStop yesterday -- I counted 46 -- ten months may be a little too far out.

But what do you think? How swiftly do you need downloadable content for a game you've enjoyed playing? Do you want it as soon as you're finished or can you wait a while?

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