Neil Young Responds To EA Closing His Former 'Blueprint' Project

Longtime Electronic Arts exec. Neil Young spearheaded Blueprint, a mysterious division of the publisher that never quite revealed exactly what it was working on.

We'll never know, either. EA decided to shutter the Blueprint program last week.

Young left EA earlier this year to form an iPhone-focused company, ngmoco:). While on the phone with Young about his iPhone endeavors, MTV Multiplayer asked Young about the closing of Blueprint.

"Look, I love EA," said Young. "I grew up at EA. I read those same reports, and I know some people there. I'm delighted that 'Boom Blox' stuff is still going and I'm delighted that Armeture [the former Retro Studios guys] is still going. The both of those teams in particular are really great groups of people. That's a business decision that Electronic Arts has to make and I respect that decision."

That still doesn't tell us much about Blueprint, though, does it? But hey, we're on the same page on one thing -- more "Boom Blox" is a good thing.