Box Art Reviews: 'Chrono Trigger,' 'Safecracker,' 'Band Manager,' More

We can't play every game out there. So what can we tell about a game from its cover? In our weekly box art reviews, we do just that...

"Band Manager" (PC)

What the Box Tells Us: A portly, hairy man wearing sunglasses talks on his cell phone while holding a lit cigar. He's surrounded by stacks of money.

Pros: I didn't really know there was a band manager stereotype until I saw this box art -- and now that I see it, it's spot-on.

Cons: But spot-on for a boy band manager. If this were any more specific, Lou Pearlman could sue... if he wasn't in jail.

Love It or Leave It: Love it.

"Professor Heinz Wolff's Gravity" (PC, Wii)

What the Box Tells Us: An adorable old man, presumably Professor Heinz Wolff, holds an apple.

Pros: It has all the professor cliches -- unkempt Einsteinian hair, a bow tie, bushy eyebrows, reading spectacles -- so if you don't know who Professor Wolff is, you'd still get it.

Cons: The apple is usually used to symbolize gravity when it falls out of a tree. So how is gravity used in this game? Is that apple going to be thrown by the old man? That'd be kind of funny.

Love It or Leave It: Love it.

"Professor Heinz Wolff's Gravity" (DS)

What the Box Tells Us: The DS version of the aforementioned game shows red-and-white objects flying around.

Pros: It forgoes the professor cliche for something different.

Cons: But different doesn't always mean good. What are these random things? Broken candy canes caught in a tornado?

Love It or Leave It: Leave it.

"Safecracker" (Wii)

What the Box Tells Us: It shows the rotary combination lock of a safe and it says it's "the ultimate puzzle adventure."

Pros: It's a safe all right, and it's begging to be cracked.

Cons: If the cover is depicting the unbridled excitement of safe-cracking in the game, then well...

Love It or Leave It: Leave it.

"Chrono Trigger" (DS)

What the Box Tells Us: The guy with a sword is about to carve up a monster -- but not before his companion charges his weapon with magic. And it looks like the frog ducked just in time.

Pros: See above. Also, it's like a panel in a comic book with the viewer witnessing the action firsthand behind the monster. (And if you're a fan of the game, it's faithful to the SNES cover.)

Cons: But should a re-vamp of the game get a new cover?

Love It or Leave It: Nah. Love it.

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