Who Would You Vote For In This Video Game Election?

If you got a chance to run for a governmental position for your favorite video game, would you?

The players of "Eve Online" would -- and they're doing it now.

Here are a few selected candidates running for "Eve Online"'s player-only Council of Stellar Management and some information about their political platforms:

Ankhesentapemkah (pictured above): The website for the incumbent CSM secretary outlines the issues she's addressed during her first term, including setting up focus groups and in-game discussions. And she's even made a video that features pop music, a mini-cooper and a preview of her school game design project based on the game.

You can read about three more colorful candidates after the jump.

Darius Johnson: The campaign website for this "Eve Online" player simply says, "We must establish dialogue. Communication between the inhabitants of the Universe and the makers will provide a better tomorrow, a brighter FUTURE! You don't want a pubbie majority in the CSM, do you?" (Pubbies are "members of a game community that aren't in your particular private group; usually seen as less desirable to play with.")

Hardin: A third-party endorsement on his blog says Hardin would be great for CSM because he has played "most elements of 'Eve'" and he knows "a f---ton about the game." He states, "I am going to CSM to represent the playerbase as a whole... That may mean that I end up defending the rights of [sovereignty]-holders on some issues and opposing them on others." Plus, look at that chin...

TornSoul: TornSoul claims she won't work for special interest groups, "alliances or otherwise." And being a longtime "Eve" player, she's seen "the good, the bad and the ugly" sides of "Eve" saying, "CCP has also done a lot of wonderful things for 'Eve,' but sometimes I think they lose sight of 'The BIG Picture.'"


So what is all this for? The space-themed MMORPG is holding its second election for the Council of Stellar Management, or CSM. CSM is made up democratically elected players who represent the "Eve Online" community and act as liaisons to Iceland-based developer CCP Games. The council's purpose is to be aware of in-game concerns -- as well as external ones that have direct relevance to the universe -- and to voice these issues to CCP to improve the game experience.

CSM is made up of nine players, headed by a Chairman and supported by a Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Vice-Secretary along with five alternates. The candidate with the highest amount of votes becomes the Chairman. Each CSM member can only serve a maximum of two terms, with elections held every six months. The CSM is flown to Iceland for one meeting with CCP representatives to resolve the most pressing electorate issues.

Nearly a quarter of a million "Eve Online" players have the chance to become candidates, or to simply vote for who they think will best represent their interests. Voting began in early November, and the CSM election closes today. The results will be announced on Monday. There are 31 candidates in all, and several are incumbents running for re-election. (For the full list of candidates, click here.)


So "Eve Online" players, did you vote? And MMO gamers, do you want to see more games with player representatives working with developers to improve their games? Would you want to be an advocate for the game's players? Or do you want to keep these kind of politics out of your hobby?