Sony 'Very Bullish' On PS3 Holiday Sales, Won't Say Video Games Are Recession-Proof

People in the entertainment business, including video game people, love to say their industries are recession-proof. The argument is that with economy down, people will turn to fun.

On the phone this week with John Koller, head of hardware marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment America, I asked if PlayStation 3, the most expensive gaming console right now, was recession-proof.

"Good question, given the reality of how things are from a macro perspective," said Koller. "First off, I want to say that we're very bullish on sales for this holiday season and beyond. In fact, we're very excited about the numbers we've been seeing coming in. There's a lot of talk about whether gaming is recession proof. I'm not sure I can answer that. I can say the PS3 is selling extremely well. Maybe those rumors about people forgoing vacations for gaming might be coming true a little bit here."

Last week's NPD Group numbers revealed PlayStation 3 was behind Wii, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360 and even Sony's own PSP in total hardware sales. Continued sales of "LittleBigPlanet" and the release of "Resistance 2" should help in November, but it's hard to say it's enough against Xbox 360's recent price drop.

How are your gaming habits changing in these uneasy economic times?

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