Crystal Dynamics' Must-Do List For 'Tomb Raider: Underworld' Gamers

Everyone's favorite acrobatic archaeologist is back this week with the release of "Tomb Raider: Underworld."

And while you may be familiar with Ms. Croft's past titles, Crystal Dynamics' Eric Lindstrom, the creative director of the game, gave us some new things to try when adventuring in "Underworld."

Check out his "must-do" list for when you're traversing Thailand, Mexico, the Mediterranean and other exotic locales with Lara...

Crystal Dynamics' Must-Do List For

"Tomb Raider: Underworld"

(Multiple Platforms, November 2008)

1. Run over panthers on the motorcycle to catch some air and quick kills.

2. Sticky grenades are fun! Stick a bat and watch it fly around, or stick a mercenary and watch him try to swipe it off.

3. Stick a grenade on an enemy, and then your next pistol shot hits and detonates the grenade.

4.Wait until bats get close and then kill them with roundhouse kicks.

5. Press jump and roll in different sequences to trigger lots of gymnastics, even when on balance beams.

6. Climb to the highest point over the Kraken and you can execute a huge grapple swing across the entire ruin.

7. Lure mercenaries into open ground before hitting them with Thor's hammer to knock them a hundred yards or more.

8. Swan dive from the top of Valgrind on Jan Mayan Island. It's fatal, but a fun way to go!

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