How To Play As A Mii In 'Animal Crossing' -- What Works, What Doesn't

So far "Animal Crossing: City Folk" is very similar to its DS predecessor "Wild World," but there is one major difference: I can put myself in the game.

The new Wii version allows you to incorporate your Mii avatars into the game.

I tried a few Mii makeovers, and there are a few things you should know before you spend your hard-earned Bells...

[Note: All images are digital photos taken of the game playing on my HDTV.]

Makeovers and haircuts are given at the salon called Shampoodle located in the city. You can take the bus to the city any time you want, but Shampoodle is only open from 8am to 9pm.

Simply talk to the salon owner Harriet, and she'll ask if you want to change your hairstyle or get a complete makeover. Your first makeover is free. Then you'll be asked to choose which Mii you'd like to look like. And voila! Your "Animal Crossing" character looks like the Mii you chose. Harriet also warns that if the Mii you chose changes or disappears from the Mii channel, your make-up will change or disappear as well.

I got my first Mii Makeover on Sunday night, and I changed my female character to look like my Mii. For the sake of experimentation, I decided to get another one. So last night,  I went back to Shampoodle and asked for another makeover. It wasn't a problem. I went with the "Stephen style" to look like the editor of a certain blog I write for. It cost 3,000 Bells.

As soon as I was done, I went back to Harriet for another makeover. I definitely didn't want to look like Stephen forever. She just said that I had a new life waiting for me and I should go enjoy it. It seems that you can only get one makeover a day. Fine.

Since I was stuck with Stephen's Mii, I went to the boutique called GracieGrace to see if I could add a hat or glasses to my character. When I tried on a hat, I noticed that Stephen's Mii face went away and my default face was back. When I bought the hat for 6,400 Bells, it erased my makeover entirely (or so I thought -- keep reading). I had also tried on a zebra-striped dress, but that didn't affect the make-up. So buying anything for your character's head or face takes the place of the Mii makeover. Annoyed at all the Bells I spent, I reset my Wii.

After getting yelled at by the mole Resetti for resetting my Wii, I went back to town to get another makeover. I spent 3,000 Bells to get the "Snoop Dogg" style. Much better.

Then this morning, I went to Shampoodle right when it opened at 8am and got another makeover. This time, I went with the "Zoidberg" style.

And since I hastily reset my Wii last night, I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything. When GracieGrace finally opened at 9am (I had to wait), I bought glasses. Then I clicked through the menu options. It turns out  if you go to "Designs" you'll see that your Mii makeover is there. Oops!

So you don't lose your Mii makeover after all, but you can't wear any head accessories to accompany your Mii makeover. I also tried putting on the glasses, reverting back to my default face, to see if I could trick Harriet into giving me another makeover today. No dice. Guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow to get a new face...

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