'Guitar Hero' Wii Not Getting Jimi Hendrix DLC Due To Wii Limitations

It wasn't a typo after all.

Wii owners will not be receiving additional Jimi Hendrix tracks for "Guitar Hero: World Tour," an Activision Blizzard representative has confirmed to MTV Multiplayer.

"Due to technical or licensing restrictions, the DLC offerings will not be the same for every console platform," explained the representative. "For example, certain artists prefer to keep the integrity of the track pack rather than releasing singles and the Wii’s infrastructure only allows us the ability to release single songs as DLC."

We learned about this technical limitation a few weeks back from Harmonix. The Wii version of "Rock Band 2" will not feature price-reduced bundle packs because Nintendo does not allow "duplicate" content on the Wii Store.

In this case, licensing restrictions from Jimi Hendrix's people mean Activision Blizzard must offer the music as a "track pack" and not singles. The restriction, combined with Nintendo's rules, mean Wii players won't see the music.

This isn't a new trend. It's just new to music games. Similar licensing restrictions have stopped some artists from joining iTunes.

"The development team is committed to offering Wii fans worldwide as much variety of DLC as possible on a regular basis," continued the spokesperson.

This could be a problem for "Rock Band 2," too. We'll keep watching.

[Photo Credit: Andy Henderson]

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