What An 'Animal Crossing' Girls Night Out Looks Like [photos]

Last night I attended a "Girls Night Out" event which focused on "Animal Crossing: City Folk."

So how did Nintendo try to sell "Animal Crossing" to a group of women?

The ladies-oriented party was held at a fancy Manhattan bar. The event allowed women to come in and play the game at various stations. They were assisted by Nintendo reps, who asked them to perform specific tasks in the game to earn real-life Bells (Bells are the game's currency).

In turn they could trade in their Bells, represented by slips of paper, for "Animal Crossing"-related prizes. Not only could they obtain stuffed animals or T-shirts, they could also receive make-overs or get their fortune told -- things that you can do in the game. Check out the photos:

Although it was mostly women, men were not excluded from the event!

Players could sign up to win "Animal Crossing" prize packs, including a pink DS and a Wii that comes with the game.

Food and drink cost zero Bells.

There was a real fortune teller and a Feng Shui consultant.

The Wii Speak peripherals were set but they were not actually usable, I was told.

Make-up artists and fashion consultants were on-hand as well.

The "store" allowed you to trade in your Bells for "Animal Crossing" merchandise, including stuffed animals, T-shirts, notepads and handmade artwork.

Even though I probably needed it, I forwent the style consultation and spent my Bells on a plush K.K. Slider.

"Animal Crossing: City Folk" along with the Wii Speak peripheral will be in stores on November 16.

[Photos by Jesse Angelo.]

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