'Guitar Hero: World Tour' Sells More On Wii Than On Any Other [UPDATE #2: 360 Version Edged Out Wii]

[UPDATE: A report at Gamasutra listing the top 20 sellers shows "Guitar Hero" sold better on Xbox 360.]

[UPDATE #2: NPD has confirmed that the numbers they original numbers they provided to us for this story were incorrect. Their data now indicates that the 360 version edged out the Wii version.]

The latest "Guitar Hero" was not in October's top ten best sellers, according to NPD Group data released today.

But that doesn't mean "Guitar Hero" didn't garner solid sales. It did. Furthermore, it's most impressive sales were where you might not expect: Wii.

"Guitar Hero: World Tour," across all platforms, sold 534,000 copies combined, according to NPD. The Wii version, however, sold best, accruing 183,000 copies sold. Comparatively, "Rock Band 2" sold 363,000 copies on Xbox 360 alone in September. [CORRECTION: NPD now reports that the Xbox 360 version topped the Wii version, selling about 191,000 units]

If NPD's top list extended further, the Wii version would have been 18 of 20.

We've seen that both "Rock Band" and "Guitar Hero" have found substantial success on Wii, but the machine hasn't shown this much prowess in a first-month release so far. Plus, "Rock Band 2" has yet to even launch on Wii.

What do you think this means for the future of music games, readers?

And can anyone recall if a Nintendo version of a multi-platform game ever outsold its competition since the Nintendo 64 and GameCube eras began? "Soul Calibur II" maybe? Anything else? This never happens.

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