Cammie Dunaway Has Played 'GTA: Chinatown Wars'

"Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars," the DS game now possibly not coming out until April of next year, is a mysterious game.

Almost no one I talk to in the industry has played it.

And those who have played it, well... they're not talking.

Yesterday, however, I interviewed Nintendo of America executive vice president of sales and marketing, Cammie Dunaway, and she was ready to spill.


Cammie Dunaway: I played the demo. They had it at one of the events for our merchandisers. I got to figure out how to do a little tattoo.

Multiplayer: Did you jack any cars? Did you knock over any lemonade stands?

Dunaway: [laughing] I didn't do so well. But I had fun.


Okay, readers. That's all I got from Cammie on the topic. She was moving on to talk about how she's excited to play "Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia." I warned her that it was hard. Then I apologized for maybe sounding condescending.

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