'World of Warcraft' Fans Lining Up At NYC Launch [pictures]

Tonight there are only four U.S. midnight launch events for the "World of Warcraft" expansion "Wrath of the Lich King."

And one of them just happens to be at a Best Buy only a few blocks away from MTV's Times Square headquarters. Earlier this afternoon, I stopped by to see if there were any gamers waiting outside in line. (Note: it's about 45 degrees Fahrenheit here today. Brrrrrr.)

There were about 20 people in line, and I spoke to a pair friends who were at the very front. Peter Manse, 20, and his pal Walter Reyes, 22, are from Rutherford, New Jersey and they told me they came to Best Buy at midnight last night to make sure they were the first in line; they weren't expecting to be the only ones in line. They spent the night without sleeping and said that they didn't see anyone else until 7:30 this morning. Reyes said he took off from work, and Manse skipped a college class to be there today.

As for who gets to actually be the first in line, they flipped a coin, and Manse won, so he's technically number one. They were joined this morning by two other friends, Thomas Irkinas, 19, and Cindy Simkins, 27.

"Well, the developers are going to be here, so we had to stay," Manse explained. "With the developers, this is such a cool thing to get to meet the people who made 'World of Warcraft.' Just to talk to them is an exciting aspect."

Reyes added, "Around the world, people can get the collector's edition, which is rare enough on its own. But we're going to get the collector's edition signed by developers! That's ultra rare!"

(Thomas Irkinas, Cindy Simkins, Walter Reyes and Peter Manse)

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