'Shaun White' Launch Party - Our Guest Blogger Weighs In

Last night our guest blogger Michelle Zeller covered the launch party for "Shaun White Snowboarding" and interviewed the pro snowboarder as well as a few celebrities. Check out her re-cap of the evening, along with some photos...

Hey guys!

So last night was basically the best night of my life! Not only did I interview Shaun White, but Patrick suggested I stand by the red carpet and interview some really big celebs.

I was super-nervous at first and didn't even want to be standing outside; I was over-anxious to get inside and start playing the games. I'm glad I stayed outside though because I scored an interview with Tila Tequila, Bam Margera, Jesse from "The Bachelor" and many more!

I was stoked to interview other celebs that I was a fan of. Interviewing was hard at first but 15 minutes into it I felt like a pro! The interview with Shaun went really well, and I actually felt like he was the easiest celebrity to interview! I felt like we had a good connection, and he even introduced me to his dad and sister. I even got to party with him afterward in the VIP area!

As for the game, the Nintendo Wii was by far my favorite platform to play it on. It felt like I was really snowboarding. You lean forward to go fast and lean on your toes or heels to carve like you're on an actual snowboard. Because I snowboard in real life, I got the hang of it really quickly and was initiating tricks so well some film crew started filming me! Patrick didn't even want to play against me, I was doing so well. (Ha ha.) Overall ,it was an amazing experience and a super-fun party. Enjoy the interviews and photos!



(The 'Shaun White Snowboarding' guest-blogger project was made possible by a sponsorship partnership between MTV and the game's publisher, Ubisoft.)

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