Game Diary - November 12, 2008: Blame My Personal Trainer

I often write in my diary about the games I play on the New York City subway, but today I am even writing my Diary entry on the subway.

I am doing this at 10 PM on Tuesday night because I recklessly told to a personal trainer at my gym that, after five years of membership, I would, yes, be willing to try a training session. And, oh, you only have appointments at 7 AM on Wednesday and Friday? No problem!

Actually, that's a problem. It's got me writing on the subway.

Thumb-typing with a Blackberry isn't the best vehicle for conveying my thoughts about the time trial mode in "Mirror's Edge" or for sharing my thoughts about whether a sequel should have you being chased more, do more chasing, or chase and be chased at the same time.

Nor is thumb-typing probably the best means for me to write some faux-grouchy post about how I can't believe a game company sent me a preview build of an exciting 2009 game when I can't even keep up with 2008's releases. Or about how I was just dis-invited to a cocktail party of industry bigwigs because someone realized the media shouldn't be allowed.

And I don't think now is the time for me to talk about how I finally played super-short PC game "You Have To Burn The Rope," though let me apologize now to the creators that I neglected to include the game's ending theme on my ballot for the Spike TV Video Game Awards in the category of Best Original Song. Even though I now realize that they deserved it.

Now is the time, though, for me to listen to 1UpYours and to try to block out the fact that my subway has been sitting at the same stop since I was in the middle of the last paragraph. Uh-oh.

Next: On Wednesday night I'm back to "Mirror's Edge," hopefully for a big finish.

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