Inside A Mobile 'Rock Band' Store, Shotglasses Included [Photos]

"AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack" can "only" be purchased at Wal-Mart or at the retailer's online website. Those aren't the easiest options for people who don't live near Wal-Marts.

So MTV Games and Harmonix teamed with AC/DC to set up temporary mobile stores that would be situated around the country to sell copies of the game.

I haven't seen one in San Francisco, but just outside of my hotel in Los Angeles, guest blogger Michelle Zeller and I found one. Here's what it looks like…

Some colorful artwork attached to one of the store's doors

Where you make your "Rock Band" store purchases -- just don't use a debit card! It didn't work for me!

In addition to "Rock Band" gear, there were plenty of AC/DC t-shirts

There were multiple spots to play "Rock Band," including drum sets with the new cymbals

No comment!

A bunch of random stuff sold at the front of the store, including "Rock Band" pins

...and of course there was ridiculous AC/DC merchandise to pick up, too

If you just want a copy of the game...don't worry, there's plenty


Has anyone else come across one of these mobile "Rock Band" stores?

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