Insomniac Games' Must-Do List For 'Resistance 2'

This is a little late, but considering how many PlayStation 3 gamers have been looking forward to Insomniac Games' sequel, we wanted to bring it to you.

"Resistance 2" continues the story of infected soldier Nathan Hale's efforts to bring down the Chimera, a race spawned from a mysterious virus.

The sequel is bigger and more ambitious than Insomniac's first outing into first-person-shooters, so we asked the guys at the studio to put together a list of ten things they want to make sure "Resistance 2" players check out.

Insomniac Games' Must-Do List For

“Resistance 2?

(PlayStation 3 First-Person-Shooter, November 2008)

#1 – Bring down the Leviathan

The Leviathan is a 300-foot tall Chimera stalking the city of Chicago. In order to reach the Chimeran base in the city, Lt. Nathan Hale must find a way to bring this creature down. Seeing the massive scale and size of the Leviathan should be a memorable moment for gamers.

#2 - Get a Batman (or girl) kill

While playing multiplayer in Chicago, it’s awesome to jump off a building ledge and stealthily kill the enemy with a melee attack from behind. The alleyways are your best friend for this.

#3 - Heal your buddies

In the co-op mode, a single medic supporting a large group of seven players can easily earn three times the amount of experience (XP) as anyone else. If your group is low on medics, switch over and start healing the group to get some massive amounts of XP.

#4 - Listen to a Henry Stillman radio broadcast

Throughout the game, you’ll find radios playing songs from the 1950s. You’ll also catch the occasional broadcast from Henry Stillman who’s holed up in Philadelphia broadcasting what he sees. These are some of [our] favorite moments in the game and really help illustrate the desperation of mankind is experiencing in the face of the Chimeran invasion.

#5 - Blow Everyone Up

In co-op and competitive, you can unlock a berserk called Overload. When you die, this allows you to blow up in a pretty terrific explosion. It’s really useful for the Soldier in co-op who’s low on health to take one for the team, but in competitive it’s deadly. The best folks at Insomniac are quite skilled at dropping into the middle of their rival squad and taking them out with one well-timed explosion.

#6 – Clear out a Grim Infestation

In "Resistance 2," the Chimera use Spinners to cocoon humans. The mindless and savage Chimera that hatch from these cocoons are called Grims.They’ll rush the player in large numbers. In several occasions through the game, the Splicer -- a gun that fires saw blades -- can be found nearby. This allows you to fire saw blades which will cut off heads, arms and legs of charging Grims. These are some of the most satisfying moments in the game.

#7– Go Invisible

After dealing with the cloaking Chameleons in single-player, you can get revenge in co-op. The Spec Ops class unlocks an Invisibility berserk that allows you to easily sneak behind enemy lines. It’s pretty awesome to open fire on the Chimera from behind or trigger an important switch before they know what is happening. This berserk is also available in the multiplayer competitive modes. It’s particulary satisfying to gank your human opponents this way.

#8 - Mine a Chimeran teleporter

Playing the Spec Ops class in co-op, you’ll eventually unlock proximity mines. Nothing is better than laying as many as possible into a teleport beacon and then watching the Chimera explode into chunks as soon as they arrive. If done correctly, this can earn you a lot of XP.

#9 – It’s Called An Occupational Hazard

As in any great horror/alien invasion, you’ll find plenty of abandoned cars that can be used as cover. Of course, you can quickly teach your enemies in competitive multiplayer modes not to use those cars if you pump enough rounds into the vehicle to cause an explosion. If an exploding gas tank doesn’t get them, you may get lucky with the car crushing them on the rebound when it comes back down.

#10 – Create Your Combat Badge

On the newly re-launched MyResistance.Net, you can create a profile and check out all of your detailed stats from campaign, co-op and competitive. In addition, you can create a “combat badge,” which is essentially your baseball card in the Resistance community. As you progress through all three modes in the game, you unlock new icons you can put on the badge, giving you an extra incentive to pimp it out.

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