Bleszinski: 'Seriously' Achievement Won't Be As Buggy In 'Gears of War 2'

One of the more common requests I get from gamers who know I'm interviewing Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski is to grill him about the "Gears of War" "Seriously" Achievement. It's supposed to reward gamers who have scored 10,000 kills in ranked Vs. matches (see here).

Bad news: That Achievement sometimes doesn't kick in for a long time. That makes people angry.

Good news: Cliff Bleszinski has read the complaints and says that "Gears of War 2"'s Seriously 2.0 Achievement (100,000 kills needed this time) will work better.

He told me that the development team was already on the case:

"They've been putting a lot of things in there to make sure things more consistent. I still get e-mails from people. To sit there and get 10,000 kills in the non-respawning game modes in "Gears 1" is a significant thing. It sometimes takes up to 13 or 14,000 kills before it clicks through on Live and you actually unlock the damn thing. I know code has taken steps to improve that but I can't really comment on what the exact things were at this time."

So it should all work just fine. Okay? Let me know if it doesn't.

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