Drunk Driving Cell Phone Game Coming Soon - Really?

'DUI: The Long Ride Home'

For those of you who never found "GTA" all that controversial, let me introduce you to "DUI: The Long Ride Home."

I discovered this game as I was scanning a press release today about a new tilt-sensitive line of mobile games. A company called TiltnTwist is offering a snowboarding game, "Snowboarding TNT," any a skydiving game, "DropZone."

Fine. Fine.

But do they have any games that challenge me to take a breathalyzer or sneak into bed without waking up my wife?

Sure they do. Enter: "DUI: The Long Ride Home":

The "DUI" game comes from studio Super Happy Fun Fun, makers of a broad array of games that include bowling and fishing titles as well as a Notorious B.I.G. dice-rolling game and "Ace Yeti Trapper." But even that eclectic ouvre might not have prepared gamers for this.

Here's the official description:

DUI: The Long Drive Home

Windows Mobile players follow Humphrey through his night of debauchery as he parties around town, has maybe a little too much to drink, and tries to get himself home – all the while trying to avoid being discovered by his wife. Players are faced with 10 mini-game challenges including getting the keys in the car ignition, driving home safely without smashing into obstacles, and the ultimate test – passing the dreaded field sobriety test. Five levels of difficulty make DUI: The Long Drive Home increasingly more difficult and fun, and local leader boards let players return again and again to improve their scores.

The game uses the select cell phone's camera interface to detect tilting; no iPhone-stlye accelerometer required. No release date or supported phones are listed yet, though details will surely emerge on the game's official site.

Drinking isn't unheard of in video games. "Grand Theft Auto IV" introduced the ability for its hero character to get drunk, which made character control wobbly and sent the game's camera lurching so severely that the game would be nearly unplayable. Many role-playing games, including "Fable II," allow characters to get tipsy. That particular game off-sets any advantages of being intoxicated with the sudden growth of a beer belly that can only be reduced with a diet of celery.

So are we ready for a game called "DUI"? You certainly can't accuse mobile games of not being original anymore. And of course, everyone, do not drink and drive. There aren't many less intelligent things to do than that.