Christina Aguilera Names Her Favorite Handheld System, Game

My L.A. colleagues at MTV News recently interviewed Christina Aguilera about her new greatest hits album and some weightier issues like advocacy against California's Proposition 8.

But credit that L.A. team for always remembering what it is that I need to know, and that's whether the famous people we interview know anything about video games. Here's Aguilera responding to a question about what she likes shopping for at Target, where her new album is being released:

"Target is an amazing store. You can find anything there. Board games… I'm a big gamer. I love my Nintendo DS. I love my board games. So on the road, [I play them] especially to kill time. Now, I don't have much time, because of my little one, to play those games. I play different games now."

That was on-camera. Off-camera, the L.A. team asked Aguilera which games she likes on the DS. Her top pick? "Mario Kart DS."