Game Diary - November 11, 2008: Worth The Cost Of One Game

Edge MagazineI'm not sure if anyone else has this "problem," but I play so many video games that I seldom make time to catch up with my video game magazines.

I've got a stack of mostly unopened Game Informers that go back about a year. And, until this past weekend, I was about eight issues behind on Edge magazine, a wonderful British gaming publication that I (foolishly) spend over $100 a year to subscribe to. I never did switch my subscription to the cheaper U.S. rate.

I have nothing against print. I like gaming magazines. And smart features in GI, EGM or Edge can easily stand out from so much of what is written and shown of games through online media.

So I read six Edges over the weekend, while traveling to and from Tennessee. I learned the history of the world's biggest arcade in the world and the back-story behind warped Dreamcast game "Segagaga." I read thoughtful appraisals of "Pikmin" and "Super Metroid" and learned how "Earthworm Jim" was made. I discovered that 15 percent of the processing power used for "Halo 3" goes toward artificial intelligence. And I concluded that if EA designer Randy Smith's next game is half as good as the ideas he puts monthly in his Edge columns, it will be spectacular.

Were those six issues that I read worth just about the price of a full new video game? For me, yeah, they were.

Next: With two issues of Edge to still read on my short subway rides, I may not be done by day's end. But if I am, maybe I'll find a way to zip to the finish line in "Mirror's Edge." And I'm still resisting "Fallout 3." So what if everyone else is playing it? I'm not ready yet!

Image Credit: IMS Subscription Service