Photos From L.A. -- 'Rock Band,' 'Guitar Hero,' And The Olsen Twins

I'm in Los Angeles this week to help our guest blogger Michelle Zeller attend a "Shaun White Snowboarding" party and interview the boarder himself.

I've also been cruising around LA, meeting up with developer friends, making studio visits -- look for pictures from Pandemic Studios soon -- and making notes on what game related stuff I notice while on my trip.

To be honest, I've come across some pretty weird stuff.

Above, check out the epic "Rock Band 2" setup at the Hollywood-placed Virgin Records. Keep reading to see Amoeba Records' "Guitar Hero"-only setup and how I almost bought some Dreamcast and PS One games.

"Guitar Hero: World Tour" setup at Amoeba Records; there was no place to play it, though

Again, spotted at Amoeba Records -- people still sell Dreamcast games??

Nevermind Dreamcast games, who's selling PS One games...let alone Olsen Twin games?!

Does anyone want the guitar more than they want the t-shirt?


I wonder what else I'll find in LA? I have one day left!