'Predator 2' Thankfully Not Among 'Gears of War 2' Cinematic Influences

Over at MTVNews.com I ran a piece about "Gears of War 2" for our more mainstream audience. There are nuts and bolts covered in the piece that Multiplayer readers certainly know about already.

But there are a few things that may be new to you.

For example, Cliff Bleszinski's comments about cinematic inspirations for the big Xbox 360 game.

I had been asking him if any big second installments of games or movies proved influential. He said:

"['The Empire Strikes Back'] is the obvious one that everyone goes to, because it's darker," he said. " 'Dark Knight' as well — doing what the first one did but also having a darker twist on it and going places the first one wouldn't have had the ba--s to go and also doing everything on a larger scale. I think 'Aliens' is also a great one. Seeing dozens or hundreds of Locust pouring out of a hole, whereas in the first 'Alien,' it was just an alien, basically. ... I wouldn't say 'Predator 2' or 'Robocop 2' or any of those. Although we do have our share of '80s Stallone and Schwarzenegger winks and homages and whatnot."

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